Monday, March 1, 2010

Because It's My Birthday....

Today is my birthday-I'm 43.  In honor of my aging, I've decided to list 43 things about ME!!  Here goes!

1.  I was born in New Rochelle, NY
2.  I am the youngest of 6--4 sisters and one brother.
3.  My 3 oldest  are old enough to be my parents. 
4.  My entire immediate family went to the same high school-parents and all.
5.  I have a 3" scar on my stomach from an operation when I was 1 month old.
6.  I had horrible teeth as a child-my father spent thousands to fix that! 
7.  I have terrible vision, but wear contacts.
8.  I once had Aqua contacts-back in the 80's..when they were new-God, I was so cool.
9.  My first job was at Baskin Robbins-thus my love for ice cream.
10.  I was not popular in school at all!
11.  My degree is in Radiology-I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist, but no longer work in the field.
12.  My favorite part of my X-Ray job was being in the operating room-bring on the blood and guts. 
13.  My second career is in Fitness-I'm a certified Trainer, and Instructor.  I LOVE FITNESS!
14.  My favorite class is Step. 
15.  My diet leaves alot to be desired. 
16.  I don't like many green veggies, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers are about it. 
17.  I love junk food.
18.  I love red meat, and dislike seafood.
19.  In reference to #18, friends say I am a cheap date! 
20.  I love to shop, but I'm on a spending freeze, and I hate it.
21.  I have a job by force-"Health Enthusiast" at the Vitamin Shoppe-doing all I can to get my fam thru a    BAD financial pickle.
22.  I don't like the VS job, but I'm learning alot from it about supplements.  Have you taken your multi today????
23.  I'm a NY Yankees fan.
24.  I moved to FL when I was 19.
25.  I met my husband in a bar on Christmas night.
26.  I have 3 kids-1 girl, 2 boys.  LOVE them to death.
27.  All 3 kids were born by C-Section. 
28.  I am trying to declutter and clean-Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley is my new favorite book.
29.  I hate cleaning.
30.  I hate my feet.
31.  I'm TERRIFIED of snakes-like run screaming, pee in your pants terrified. 
32.  Favorite Male Singer-Rob Thomas.
33.  Favorite Female Singer-Pink
34.  Favorite Movie-Grease.....Close 2nd-Officer and a Gentleman
35.  In my circle of girlfriends-I am the only one with real boobs. 
36.  I've had 3 kids-I need the fake boobs.  Mine are south of the equator.
37.  Favorite Flower-Orchid.
38.  Favorite Color-Royal Blue
39.  Favorite Drink-Cosmopolitan.....water if we're talking non-alcoholic.
40.  I have a shoe wall in my closet...and it's full.
41.  I prefer silver jewelry over gold.
42.  I'm a natural brunette.
43.  I had to struggle to lose the baby weight after the 2nd and 3rd kid.

Ya know what-it is NOT easy to come up with 43 things about myself.  God, I'm boring! 
God Bless YOU for reading this though...hope I didn't put you to sleep!


  1. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!! Have a fantastic day!

  2. Happy Birthday! I don't find you boring at all. Love #35~too funny! :)

  3. sorry for being late but.... HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! i hope you had a wonderful birthday. wish you many more to come :)