Friday, April 30, 2010

Five Question Friday!

There must be something seriously wrong with me-I actually forgot for a few minutes that today is Friday.  Go ahead, say it..."You need help'.....
What I did not forget is that I haven't done 5QF in 2 weeks, and I was so bummed about that!  It feels good to be back! 
On that goes....

1. If you could, would you go back to high school?
Um, yeah, probably so!  It would have to be a 50/50 split though-keep 50% of what went on, change the other 50.  We had some good times, but I was also quite a handful for my parents!  But if I do go back, can I keep the big 80's hair???  But no smoking this time around.  See....50/50!

2. If a genie appeared and granted you two wishes, what would they be? (And, no saying "more wishes".)
    1.  That my family-sisters, brother,  & mother could make peace.  We are a family divided, and it really bugs me.
    2.   Financial stability-I don't need to be rolling in cash, I just wish we could keep up with the bills and not have to penny pinch. 

   3. What kids show do you secretly like?
Don't hate me because I'm perfect-(HA) but there isn't one! 
Listening to some of those cartoon characters is like nails on a chalkboard to me! 

4. What is your beverage of choice?
Non alcoholic-water.  Easy enough. 
Alcoholic-Cosmopolitan, or Pinot Noir.  

5. What is something that you would change about yourself (or are working to change in yourself)?
I have no patience, and can "blow" at any moment.  In other words, when I ask my kids to do something, I want them to DO IT NOW!  Not in 10 minutes........

Now, time to Link up!  An adorable blonde, whom I've never met started this, and she's got the goods on the copying, pasting, linking thing, so clickety here for the full scoop!  Thank You, Mama M for the 5Q's!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Mail! (and a Coupon Code)

It seems that all that shows up in my mailbox lately are bills and those annoying offers for yet another credit card.  Getting these babies in the mail just about made my day!

My feet (and knees) are so happy to finally have some new cushioning! 
I got a great deal on them from RykaFit!  As an instructor, I get a discount on them anyway, but they were an extra 20% off-Sweet! 
The coupon code!!  Ryka is offering 20% off to my "clients"!!
Coupon code RCP20
Good through July 31, 2010

I promise you won't be disappointed in Ryka sneakers!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Florida Edition of Leigh vs. Laundry

How catchy is that title, "Leigh vs. Laundry"?  I LOVE IT, but I take no credit-I stole it from another Leigh who had it way before me.....and she probably doesn't even know I borrowed it for today.  A) I love that I found another Leigh and B) I hate laundry as well. 
It's a typical Monday in my part of the world...laundry, kids to and fro, work, home, laundry, kids to and fro, back to work, etc.etc.etc.  Really, I'm no different than anyone else.

Now, I've been at this marriage/motherhood thing for almost 16 years, and I think I finally have the laundry down to a science.  When Tool Time and I got married, he needed a few lessons on putting dirty laundry in the hamper, and he's doing just fine with that now!  Payback is pretty good at it-she likes a clean floor, but PeterSam and G-man clearly take after their father.  (Sometimes I think they like hearing me yell......)

When it comes down the nitty gritty of tackling the laundry-the kids have to help me separate it, and make sure everything is turned right side out.  I take care of the rest-washing, drying, folding.  They get the hamper full of clean clothes back, and they get to put it away.  It's usually an all day process...5 or 6 loads DONE.  And I only do it once a week, so if the clothes don't get in the hamper-they don't get washed! 

And here it is, folded and DONE! 

Now, really, does anyone give a crap about how I do my laundry???  No, probably not!  However, as I was checking up on other blogs, I stumbled upon
this little tidbitfrom the original Leigh vs. Laundry.  So, Leigh, this one's for you!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Knew?? And, A Product Review...

Hey, my title rhymes today...damn I'm crafty!!  I didn't even plan that....

Who Knew??  that I'd actually feel good about paying bills today.  I LOVE to spend money, but not on bills!  But times, they have a-changed around here, and paying the bills actually made me smile today.  (Do I feel a fever coming on?)  I think what felt even better was that ToolTime and I BOTH looked over Mt. BillStack last night, and decided together what was getting tackled.  In almost 16 years of marriage, he ran away from the bills and left me to deal with it.  We both dug the hole, we gotta fill it together.

A Product Review  Now don't get all excited for a great new find-(that will come later!)because this one ain't so hot in the fun factor, but I needed to give it a shout out. 

do you think I could have found a smaller image??

See, I told you it's nothing fun, but this stuff just saved my eyes!  I have had the worst allergy eyes I have had in years, they have literally been pink to red for over a month.  They have been itchy, watery, and just annoying.  I tried 2 other allergy drops, and a homeopathic drop to help me, but none of them worked like this stuff.  I put the drops in, and in 5 minutes, my eyes finally looked normal!  I feel like a new woman....let's just hope it lasts!!

On a final note-the old lady needs a bit of blogger help.  Is there any way to permanently change my font from the default to this one I'm using now?  Just thowing that out there...someone might know!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Unloading a Few Random Ramblings...

It's been a shit week.  Guess I could have put that on a post-it, but I didn't.

My Uncle Bob died last Thursday.  I haven't seen him in over a year-we weren't even close, but he was my fathers only brother, and his death came as a blow.  Even worse was my sisters reaction, all she could say was a shocked "Wow."  I didn't expect much from her as their relationship took a serious hit a few years ago, but "Wow"??   His funeral was yesterday, and his kids (all grown adults) were so sad-losing a parent is an unbearable pain.  Despite the bullcrap that has gone on in my immediate family, I'm glad I put it aside for two hours so I could be there to say good-bye to a wonderful man. 

PeterSam and ToolTime are butting heads in a big way.  Payback and I were in this place 2 years ago-and it SUCKS.  I hope they get over it soon-I'm sick of the arguing and yelling. 

Payback did not get into the AP program for 9th grade.  THIS is a problem in her self-centered teenage world.  I'll deal with it tomorrow!

On a good-no, GREAT note, we finally had a little cash come in.  So now, we can begin filling in the financial hole-I never thought I'd look forward to paying bills!!

And finally- can someone please explain to me how Kate Gosselin has managed to stay on DWTS another week?  Has America seen her "dance"? 

Das it!!  I got nothin' else.......

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Did I Really Just Say Yes?

**this is a vent of feel free to skip past this one**
**Language Alert**

Will I ever learn to say "Let me get back to you" before I open my fat mouth and blurt out "Yes!".  I am seriously kicking myself in the ass right now-I can't believe what I just did.  I put that lousy part time job that I really don't like before my kids.  What the hell is wrong with me????

On another day, it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal-but today it is.  Today, Tool Time and Payback are away on a camping trip, so it's just me and the boys this weekend.  I was scheduled to work from 4:30-9:30 tonight, and as much as I'm not thrilled with the idea-my boys are home alone.  PeterSam is really responsible, and the neighbors always know when they are here alone.  Is this ideal-no, could the State of FL nail me on this-maybe.  But it is what it is, I'd lose $$ paying a sitter, and due to the financial distress that we are in-I have to work. 

My Child Boss called me this morning, and asked me to come in at 3 so she can get out early.  I SAID YES???????  How fucking stupid am I?????  I hung up the phone, and after a few minutes started thinking about what I just did.  Child Boss is 24, and single.  I'm not stupid, I know she is not running home to a family-she is running home to the penis of the month and whatever drinking plans they have for tonight.  I am sacrificing my kids for this?  This job that I make a shitty $8 an hour at?  This job that I really don't care for?  I am shooting myself in the foot-AGAIN.  I do this to myself ALL THE TIME. 

What is that saying about Martyrs dying on the Cross?  I'm done with it-I'm done with saying Yes at the drop of a hat, I'm done letting my kids take the back seat to a job.  I'm done letting Child Boss abuse me because she knows I need the money.  My kids, my family have got to come first.  Yes, I took the job to help my family, but really, what good does it do if I have to sacrifice the welfare of my children?  (okay that may be a bit of an exageration-it's only 1.5 hours difference) 

I just made a phone call.......

Child Boss is not too pleased, but I don't give a rats ass.  I told her getting there at 3 is impossible-and it is.  G-man is at a birthday party that is done at 2.  PeterSam is at a friends house until 2:30.  Considering the driving-I will be in the car for a good 45 minutes picking them up-and it takes me 15 min. to get to the crappy job.  (Why am I justifying this to anyone?)  Child Boss asked "3:15, 3:30, what time?"  I told her I would get back to her as soon as I knew.  Screw You, you get paid your salary regardless of whether you stay or go-so don't push me to give you a set time. 

Damn,  I'm pissed.  But at least I learned a lesson.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

As I do every morning before I head out the door to work, I quickly check Twitter, and find that there is a party going on, and dammit why did I not know about it?????

As soon as I got home from work, I had to's a Blog Party!  I've never attended one-so I think it's about time to fix that! 

Now, I'm usually pretty quiet at the start of a party, but I can't be at this one-so here goes.....

I'm Leigh-that's Lee, not Leah, or Lay, and I'm 43.  I've been married for almost 16 years to Tool Time, and we have 3 kids.  One daughter, Payback-14, and 2 sons, Peter Sam-12, and G-man-8.  We live in (hot humid)Florida.  I work outside the home as a Personal Trainer, and Group Ex Instructor.  I also have a part-time at The Vitamin Shoppe because this economy SUCKS, and well it's a looonnnggg story, but we need the money.

Being that my kids are older, and I'm way past diaper duty-I've entered a whole new world being the mom of teenagers.  HOLY CRAP-this is harder than having 2 toddlers running away from you in opposite directions!  The head games....the drama....the guilt's unbelievable!!  But, I wouldn't trade my life for anything-my family is my world! 

As far as parties go-LOVE THEM!  Give me a cosmopolitan, and I'm all game-as long as I know who's there, otherwise it takes me a while to drink enough warm up!! So my plan for tonight is to join this check out some fellow partiers...can't wait to make new friends!

So ladies, I'm off to drink link up now....Enjoy the party!

Five Question Friday

It's Five Question Friday!  This little bit is hosted by Mama M, and you can find her, and the Linky thingy right here.  She's got all the goods on this one!

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Because I think she's a great actress, I'd say Sandra Bullock.  If were looking for me with a great body-Demi Moore.  Me ten years younger-Anne Hathaway. 

2. Did you ever go to summer camp?
No, always wanted to, but never did.  I had to live vicariously through movies about summer camp-like Meatballs, and that one with Jodi Foster and Kristy McNichol--what the hell was the name of it???  Shit, I can't remember-but it was a good movie at the time!
And yes, I realize some of you are wondering about Meatballs, and Kristy McNichol.  I am THAT old people!!

3. What sends you running and screaming in the other direction?
Snakes-hate 'em hate 'em hate'em!!  Not good when you live in Florida........

4. What is something you do that drives your spouse nuts?
I was a spoiled rotten brat as a child, and still have the tendency to throw a good fit. 

5. What is currently your favorite song?
Don't know who sings it, but I think it's called Beautiful Girl. 
But-I do have an obsession going on with anything Rob Thomas sings.
Long time old favorite-Here Comes My Girl by Tom Petty.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Smell-o-blog, and a bit of Nostalgia

This tree is in my neighbors yard-I walk by it a few times when I take my dogs out. It is an orange tree, and it's blooming right now. I wish there was a way I could put the smell on my blog, because orange blossoms smell SO GOOD! I actually look forward to fighting with my 2 rotten dogs just so I can walk by that tree and inhale the sweet aroma. Once upon a time, this whole town would smell of orange blossoms for about 3 weeks every spring. That was before the housing boom when the developers bought up the orange groves and built ( most now empty and forclosed on) houses on the land. It's kind of sad-it's spring time, and you can't smell the orange blossoms in Vero Beach, FL.
The other thing that is missing from Spring in Vero Beach, is Spring Training. The Dodgers had their Spring Training camp here for YEARS, but they've moved to Arizona. Now, I'm not really a Dodger Fan, (die hard Yankee fan, though!) but there was definitely a missing element in this little town for the month of March. No Dodgers, no orange blossoms. I don't think we even have a AAA league here this year-so I won't be taking the kids to any night time games this summer.
At the time when all of the nonsense with the City of Vero Beach and the Dodgers was going on-I really could have cared less. But damn those orange blossoms for reminding my of what Spring used to be like here.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday-Late Night Edition

Hhmmm, that last post it just might make a good blog post......

Friday, April 2, 2010

5 Question Friday

Many Thanks to Mama M for starting this--check out her blog here.
My answers are short and to the point today-I'm heading out to work.  Anyway, visit Mama M, link up, and shell out some answers!

1. Do you sing out loud in the car when you're driving?
Yes, of course.  And I sound like a rock star.

2. What would you never be caught doing?
Damn, I hate hard questions!  Um, trying on bikini bottoms without my underwear on.  Um, farting out loud in public.  Leaving the house without a bra on, leaving the house without underwear on.  Ooh-licking my fingers and wiping something off the kids faces. (although I teasingly try this with them, and they are mortified-that part is fun!)

3. Will you go #2 in a public restroom?
When you gotta go, you gotta go.  Thank God for strong thighs and my love of squats. 
4. Have you ever broken a bone?
Yes, my little toe, about 2 months ago.  I dropped one of those hard plastic Oxo containers on it.  The damn thing hurt for a solid 6 weeks, then...poof! all better!

5. Do you prefer cooking or baking?
I don't mind either, I definitely cook more than I bake, though. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tool Time has a very close friend, and through that friendship, our children have become good friends.  My daughter Payback and son G-man are at their house right now-they spent the night last night.  Tool Time drove the kids to their last night-it's a good 10 mile hike all the way to the other end of town, and depending on traffic, can take about 25 minutes to get there.  (I know- I live in Florida, and really, there is no "traffic"-but it is amazing how spoiled I've become.  We've got snowbirds, and man can they drive slow!) is my beef-the friends NEVER drive either way.  We are constantly driving there, and back, and I'M SICK AND F'ING TIRED OF IT!  There is no reason she (their mother) can't get in the car and drive my kids home.  I know these are MY kids, and if I want them, I should go get them, but can we have a little 50/50 here?  Maybe the next time she wants my kids to spend the night, she can get her ass in the car and come get them!  Sidenote:ToolTime himself is a chunk of the problem-he has no issues driving down, and back...probably because he can have a drink and a smoke while he's there- UGH! 

So here I sit, stewing.  I called Payback, and she finally answered her phone...told her she needed to be home by 4:30, she relays the message to Miss I'm Not Driving.  What did I just get-a text message from Payback-"Dad is picking me up at 5:00."  Enjoy that cigarette, Honey.  And as for you, Miss I'm Not Driving, next time you want my kids to sleep over, you can come get them yourself. 

Done bitching now.


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