Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Unloading a Few Random Ramblings...

It's been a shit week.  Guess I could have put that on a post-it, but I didn't.

My Uncle Bob died last Thursday.  I haven't seen him in over a year-we weren't even close, but he was my fathers only brother, and his death came as a blow.  Even worse was my sisters reaction, all she could say was a shocked "Wow."  I didn't expect much from her as their relationship took a serious hit a few years ago, but "Wow"??   His funeral was yesterday, and his kids (all grown adults) were so sad-losing a parent is an unbearable pain.  Despite the bullcrap that has gone on in my immediate family, I'm glad I put it aside for two hours so I could be there to say good-bye to a wonderful man. 

PeterSam and ToolTime are butting heads in a big way.  Payback and I were in this place 2 years ago-and it SUCKS.  I hope they get over it soon-I'm sick of the arguing and yelling. 

Payback did not get into the AP program for 9th grade.  THIS is a problem in her self-centered teenage world.  I'll deal with it tomorrow!

On a good-no, GREAT note, we finally had a little cash come in.  So now, we can begin filling in the financial hole-I never thought I'd look forward to paying bills!!

And finally- can someone please explain to me how Kate Gosselin has managed to stay on DWTS another week?  Has America seen her "dance"? 

Das it!!  I got nothin' else.......

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