Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tool Time has a very close friend, and through that friendship, our children have become good friends.  My daughter Payback and son G-man are at their house right now-they spent the night last night.  Tool Time drove the kids to their last night-it's a good 10 mile hike all the way to the other end of town, and depending on traffic, can take about 25 minutes to get there.  (I know- I live in Florida, and really, there is no "traffic"-but it is amazing how spoiled I've become.  We've got snowbirds, and man can they drive slow!) is my beef-the friends NEVER drive either way.  We are constantly driving there, and back, and I'M SICK AND F'ING TIRED OF IT!  There is no reason she (their mother) can't get in the car and drive my kids home.  I know these are MY kids, and if I want them, I should go get them, but can we have a little 50/50 here?  Maybe the next time she wants my kids to spend the night, she can get her ass in the car and come get them!  Sidenote:ToolTime himself is a chunk of the problem-he has no issues driving down, and back...probably because he can have a drink and a smoke while he's there- UGH! 

So here I sit, stewing.  I called Payback, and she finally answered her phone...told her she needed to be home by 4:30, she relays the message to Miss I'm Not Driving.  What did I just get-a text message from Payback-"Dad is picking me up at 5:00."  Enjoy that cigarette, Honey.  And as for you, Miss I'm Not Driving, next time you want my kids to sleep over, you can come get them yourself. 

Done bitching now.

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  1. Doesn't hurt to bitch now and then; it's good for the soul! :)

    I guess my question: when Miss I'm Not Driving kid's stay at your house, does she bring them over? Just curious - it's not like I have anything better to do. hahaha