Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Smell-o-blog, and a bit of Nostalgia

This tree is in my neighbors yard-I walk by it a few times when I take my dogs out. It is an orange tree, and it's blooming right now. I wish there was a way I could put the smell on my blog, because orange blossoms smell SO GOOD! I actually look forward to fighting with my 2 rotten dogs just so I can walk by that tree and inhale the sweet aroma. Once upon a time, this whole town would smell of orange blossoms for about 3 weeks every spring. That was before the housing boom when the developers bought up the orange groves and built ( most now empty and forclosed on) houses on the land. It's kind of sad-it's spring time, and you can't smell the orange blossoms in Vero Beach, FL.
The other thing that is missing from Spring in Vero Beach, is Spring Training. The Dodgers had their Spring Training camp here for YEARS, but they've moved to Arizona. Now, I'm not really a Dodger Fan, (die hard Yankee fan, though!) but there was definitely a missing element in this little town for the month of March. No Dodgers, no orange blossoms. I don't think we even have a AAA league here this year-so I won't be taking the kids to any night time games this summer.
At the time when all of the nonsense with the City of Vero Beach and the Dodgers was going on-I really could have cared less. But damn those orange blossoms for reminding my of what Spring used to be like here.
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