Friday, March 19, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

It's finally Friday!!!  Should I type that in CAPS, cuz I do want to shout it!  I'll just go Bold....there, that's better!
I love 5QFriday-I love the idea-it's an easy blog post for those of us who have no creative juices flowing at the moment, and that would be me!  But the real truth is it is just FUN!  So if you want to have some fun with me...clickety here .  This is Mama M's blog, and she is the genius behind this little questionnaire.  So hit her blog-copy, and paste away, link up, and share some love! 

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting?
YES!!  All in one kids and I were in NY for a family wedding, and Hurricane Jeanne hit FL so we couldn't come home. (damn!!)  Anyway, one day, we hopped on a train for NYC, and headed to Times Square.  Since we watch GMA on ABC, the kids knew exactly where we were....while we were nosing around the studio windows, a security guard came over and asked me if I wanted to meet John Travolta-um, hello, I know EVERY word to Grease-YES!!  So he directed the kids and I over to a door, and in a few minutes, who comes out...but yes, John Travolta himself, and I just about died right there!  He signed an autograph for the kids, and I could spit was, "Be polite, say thank you." to the kids, then I shook his hand....and he was wisked away into a limo.
So I stumble my way across the street to Toys R Us, and lo and behold there is Donald Trump signing autographs on his new doll-The Apprentice was new and in full swing.  So, we buy a doll, I send off the kids, and he asks them why they are not in school...I explain that we are hurricane refugees....he tells my daughter she's fired...and we are wisked awayby security.   P.S.  the Donald's hair??? not that bad in person. 

2. What temperature do you keep your house?
I live in FL, so in summer, we keep the AC at about 78-80. 
In winter, we very rarely have to turn the heat on, but sometimes we will turn it on, I think at 70, but Tool Time does it, so I'm clueless.

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes?
No, not really.  I'm too busy looking at the decor, and asking where they got it.

4. What's the worst job you ever had?

I'd say it is the current one-my part time job at the Vitamin Shoppe.  Now, I will say I have learned ALOT about supplements and nutrition, but the hours SUCK!  Retail hours and motherhood are not a good combination! 
Two thing though-1) as much as I hate the job, I am grateful to have it.  I was lucky to find it in this declining economy.  2)I have a whole new world of respect of mothers who have full time jobs, and single mothers who are working to support their kids--how the hell do you do it all???  HATS OFF TO YOU!

5. What is your most sentimental possession?
My Miraculous Medal.  My father wore it for years on a neclace, and he died with it on.  I have had it with me ever since.  It is my constant reminder of my father, and that someone is always watching over me.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I didn't eat chicken AT ALL for nearly a year after that, and my mom finally fixed it one night, peeled it off the bone as she'd done when I was tiny and BEGGED me to taste it. I tried it, gagged a little, and ate another bit. I eat it now (four years later) but still get kind of skeeved out touching it raw. And as price-wise as buying those whole fryers may be, you'll never find one in my freezer because I certainly can't cut them up! I can handle the cut-up bits (even on the bone) but with the morning sickness, I've avoided raw meat like the plague. Short answer: yes, I eat chicken. When given a choice, I prefer tenders or breast pieces that are already cooked.

    WOrking and managing a home simultaneously is extrodinarily difficult. Can't imagine doing it without a wonderful husband to help!

  2. My ability to spell words correctly has obviously taken a hike. Better luck next time, huh?