Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yo Tweeps!! Traffic Exchange!!

I'm participating in a twitter carnival of sorts.

Here's the jist:

To play along and increase your twitter twaffic: we need to meet some new people.

1. Follow me on twitter . Click on my twitter feed-it's on my sidebar.  Follow me-I'm way cool! HA!!

2. Shout me a hello on twitter like so: @lptrainermom #yotweeps I'm following!
Then I'll know you followed and I'll reciprocate.

3. MAKE A BLOG POST LIKE I am doing. Copy and Paste these directions.

3. Grab the YO Tweeps Twaffic Exchange Button. Put him in your post.

(He's so cute. Put him on your sidebar too if you're that kinda girl. )

Listen tweeple-I'm old and I'm slow, so if the cute picture takes you to Supah's page-grab the code from her.  She is much better than I am at this linking coding joining thing. 

6. Link that post up over at SupahMommy's blog

7. Visit some other #YOTweeps linkers on the list.

8. Follow them if you choose and shout out to them on twitter that you are following so they can instantly follow you if they're on. (Follow their blog as well if you're interested.)


@lptrainermom #yotweeps I'm following!

9. If someone follows you JUST reciprocate. It's that easy.


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