Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Valentine's Day Is No More

Do you see that little cutie? That would be my youngest child, that would be the G-man. It was 8 years ago on Valentine's day that my family was blessed with this perfect baby boy. He is why we don't celebrate the coming of the cupid any longer in our home-his birthday takes precedence. Now, it is the child's birthday and it should be all about him, but I haven't seen a chocolate or flower since 2002. I think Tool Time was just about sick of hearing about that, so this year he stepped up and bought me a beautiful orchid-love them because they are no/low maintenance.

He done good. Thanks, hon! And thank you even more for being a great dad and husband. As much as I love the orchid, the very best Valentine gift is my son. Happy Birthday, G-man. You stink, and I love you!!

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