Monday, February 8, 2010

Hats off to the Frugalistas I Follow

I think it was in July that I saw a spot on the news about a fruglista who teaches the not so frugal how to save a buck or two. Long boring story short, I found her website, and have now become a frugalista myself. I get big thrills out of "click here" and off we go to a page offering $1 off of whatever product it is.

Anywho-now that I'm getting all bloggy and stuff, I figured I better learn how to do the "click here" thing for myself. Hhhmmmm, lets see if it works. To meet my favorite frugalista, click here

Cue the Jeopardy theme.....

Did it work? Did I do it?

So I have a newfound appreciation for the many who take the time to find these coupons, and then take more time to go the painstaking process of posting the links. I cannot begin to imagine the time that goes into those websites, and I take my hat off to these girls for doing it. YOU ROCK, FRUGALISTAS!

Okay-I gotta post this now so I can see if the linky thingy really works....
More jeopardy music.....

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