Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Apple Didn't Fall Far Enough....

First, I love my husband.  Really, I do.  He drives me nuts, but I do love the man. 
Second,  I have great inlaws.  They are wonderful people who have given us the world. 

However....while I've kinda known this for long time, it was confirmed today.  My husband is his mother's son.  Let me explain why this is not a good thing, Martha. 

Today, I joined Tool Time, his 2 brothers and future sister-in-law at the Inlaws house to do a major cleaning overhaul.  The Inlaws are in their 80's, she's got dementia, but he's still got all of his wits.  They are both in good health, although they take in excess of 34 pills a day between them both. (!!!!)  It was a family decision to do this overhaul without Mother Inlaw there-would have freaked her out. 

Anyway, I show up about 3 hours late because I was Taxi-Mom. Tool Time had just finished the fridge, and was starting on the spice cabinet.  Mother Inlaw was once a great cook, so she had LOTS of spices.  Some were from 1990.  Some were so old, we actually saved them because Sister Inlaw (who was absent from this fun event) collects antiques, and wouldn't that look nice in her kitchen???   The thing that scared me was the comments from Tool Time.  If I heard "Don't throw that spice away-it might still be good." one more time, I was going to stuff him into the spice cabinet and deadbolt it.  Even Young Brother Inlaw-who is a professional chef-told him dried spices only last a short while, they do go rancid.  But still, he wanted them saved......

He went out to get us all lunch.  Guess where the spices went. 

On to the Tupperware drawer-or lack of Tupperware bottoms drawer.  More of the same.  Yeah. 

My husband is a pack rat, just like his mother.  "Just save it, you might need it someday."  I love you honey, but you married a pitcher!! 

DISCLOSURE:  Cleaning the Inlaws house was not the highlight of my life, it was quite the opposite.  However, I am grateful that we were able to help them out. 

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  1. Stopping by from SITS - I guess the next clean out will involve tool time taking his mom on the outing so everyone else can pitch to their hearts content and he won't whine or have a heart attack...

    So sorry that MIL is dealing with dementia - its a tough thing to deal with - my grandpa has Alzheimer's.

    Lovely to meet you!