Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Queen of Random

I got to work this morning and the new Asst. Manager-AKA Gulliver, was there with his nice new work duds, and shiny new shoes. Back pedal just a tad-I work at The Vitamin Shoppe, and (shocker) we sell vitamins and generally try to promote health and fitness. Gullivers meal for the shift-Burger King hash browns, 2 cheesy wraps (??), girl scout cookies, a whole sleeve of Cheddar Pringles, and to healthy it all up-a green apple. To throw some sugar on top, he claims to be a personal trainer while he is not at The VitShoppe. Nice.
Being a trainer myself-I've got some issues with this. Just sayin'.
I am very proud of my daughter, My Payback, for making the lacrosse team at school. She really enjoys it, and I am beyond delighted that she is finally involved in something at school. However, it is an expensive sport. We just bought a new stickhead for (shudder) $105. Attach that baby to the old stick, and off she goes. Yeah....NO. She needs a new stick with a bend in it. (Gimme the old one, I'll bend it!) Off I go to the store to price the new stick- I've got 2 options $20, or $90. Um, Hello, where is the happy medium???? She got the cheap stick, and she will like it!
My husband, Tool Time, finally replaced the light over the staircase. No more tripping over sleeping dogs for me!! Thanks, honey, for your timely response to that request!

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