Monday, February 22, 2010

An Open Letter To Florida Residents

Dear Fellow Florida Residents, Snowbirds, and even some Visitors,

The saying goes that when you move to Florida, your blood thins and you just can't stand the cold.  Well, I'm here to tell you that your blood does not thin just from moving south, but a nice presciption of Coumadin might do the trick.  Point: your blood is just as thick as it always was. 

I have been here since 1986, I moved here from New York.  What?  You moved here from the somewhere up North, too?  So many transplants in Sunny Florida these days!  Now I know it has been a "cold" winter here-there have been days when we've woken up to temps in the 30's.  But it always warms up a bit-even on the coldest of days.  Yes, our winter has lasted longer this year than in the past few years.  I, for one, really enjoy the break from the constant heat and humidity.  Okay, so it's not clear skies today-is that really a reason to get depressed????  You know full well that the sun will be shining tomorrow, maybe even this afternooon.  Point: QUIT COMPLAINING!  You survived just fine up North for xxx years, through many a brutal winter.  You can survive a few days/weeks of cooler temps down here.  Get over it people-is the grass still green, or snow covered?  Are the leaves on the trees, or are the trees bare?  We live in a tropical paradise-and if you can't take a change in climate, then you need to head further south. 

In closing,  I will fully admit that I dislike all the heat-I will be the first to complain about sweating, and big humidity hair.  You have my permission to get all soapbox-y on me when the time comes.


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  1. Over from SITS.

    My Mom lives in SW Florida.

    The woman owns one pair of jeans, and complains when the temps get below 50.

    Recently she's mentioned that she has contemplated a move to Colorado...

    I think she's out of her ever-lovin'-mind!