Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday-Florida Style!

Since I have decided to do this post, I have come to realize that I spend WAY TOO MUCH time in my gym clothes!  I am at the gym every morning except for Thurs., and Sun., so I'm in gym clothes for a good chunk of the day.  I have been making a conscious effort to dress when I'm not at the gym-but some days, all I'm doing is driving the kids back and forth to whatever activity, and really, why get dressed up for that?? 

Usually on Thursday mornings, I clean and believe me when I say you don't want to see me in my cleaning get up!  I did have some errands to run after cleaning last Thursday, and this is what I threw on:
The tank is a cheapie from Target, and the shorts are from Nilla Shields.  Not loving this outfit!!
Friday was another gym clothes day, but I did manage to put on jeans a cute T when I finally got home.  LOVE this T-shirt....it's me!!  I got it in a Winery gift shop.

I wore this to Mass on Sunday.  The dress is from CAbi, and the jacket is from Macy's. 

Here is a shot of the dress sans the jacket.  The dress is super comfy, and can also be worn as a long skirt!
Monday was a gym day, but I did change for some errands and to go to the Girls Varsity Lacrosse Playoffs. (They won...Go Indians!)  The skinny capris are from Banana Republic, the black tank is Converse One Star from Target.  I love this top, and wish the ruffle along the neck line showed up better.  The shoes are by Bruno Menegalli, bought at a local shoe boutique. 
Man, I need a better camera....or a good photo editor!! Someone help!

I love these shoes!  They are so comfy-I can spend hours in them and my feet don't hurt!! 
Tuesday was just like any other day in my world-more errands, more kids to shuffle to and fro.  I did it all in this dull get-up.
Favorite old jeans from The Gap, white Tank top from Express.  Again, DULL!!, but I did try to jazz it up with this DIY neclace that I found on   ...lovemaegan

This was sooo easy to make---the scarf was from Target, beads form Michaels.  SUPER SIMPLE!  And the next photo would be of my favorite Jack Rogers sandals.  I have about 8 pair of these, in different colors.  They are my favorite summer dress up sandal...even make jeans and a tank look a bit classier! 

So, that's it gals!  Looking back at these pics...a few conclusions: 
1. Still need a new camera or photoshop
2. Still need to accessorize more.....
3.  Definitely need to GET OUT OF THE GYM CLOTHES!


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