Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

It has been my intention to actually blog over the summer-cuz you know, the kids are home, I'll have more free time since I'm not driving 40+ miles a day.  I've got all these great blog ideas stirring in my head-just waiting for me to sit down and let them out.  Have I had any time to accomplish this?  No.  I cannot believe it is July 1 and I have done nothing but a couple of Post It Note Tuesdays.  (I love PINT-quick, easy, and done!)

Today has been the kind of day I wish I could have more of.  The kids got up and went to the free movie while I taught a class at the gym.  We got home, I threw dinner in the crockpot, and made fresh tortillas to serve with it.  It is balls to the walls hot out so the kids are allowed a bit of time on the Wii.  I head back to the gym at 4 to teach another 2 classes, then I'm home for dinner with the family. 

Come to think it, this whole week has been pretty good.  We've gone to the beach twice, and the kids have been going out in the evenings and playing baseball with the rest of the neighborhood kids.  The best part is that I haven't been at The Horrid Part Time Job much this week at all.  I took on 2 extra classes today because I didn't have to go the HPTJ today.  So in 3 hours time, I made 2x more than my typical 4 hour shift at HPTJ.   Note to self-get more business at the gym. 

So, as for those blog ideas-could I recall a single one of them today?  No, of course not.  They'll come back though.  For now-this little family is enjoying the dog days of summer. 

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